Coming in a black mylar bag which had artwork that made be feel like I was on vacation at a tropical beach. This beauty of a flower has a sweet fruity orange with a hint of pine scent, which reminded of a candy. The buds are just oozing of trichomes having it appear a minty green color.

This is a delightful smoke having a very sweet fruity tangy taste. Had quite a smooth smoke. Burned clean without any complaints. Had a light gray ash and there was a noticeable grease ringer on the joint.

I found this to be a high potency sativa. The high provided a cerebral effect having me focused and alert. I recieved a motivational engergetic high. It had me more sociable and creative minded as well. There was no pretty well no burnout. Valued at 190 a zip before any discounts

Quality – 8.9
Value – 8.5