Island Pink OG from Big Boss Farms

Visual: Quite greasy looking! The bud was nice and frosty with lots of sparkly crystal all throughout. The colours were bright greens and some dark green and some very dark, almost purple or black leaves as well. There were patches orange/brown hairs all over. Very nice visuals on this Pink strain.

Nose: The nose was gassy and skunky sweet. It was not super pungent, but it was still very nice.

Cut/Roll/Grind: Very easy to grind and when I cut it with scissors it squished it and compacted it a bit as a result of how sticky it was.

Taste: I got the gas and the skunk flavours but I did not get the sweetness as much. It was more of a smoky earthiness.

Burn: The burn was quite decent offering up a smooth and heavy smoke.

Potency/Effects: This Island Pink hits great! I could feel it hit me in my nose right away and the effects built up fast. The effects that I got from it were very heavy and sedative and happy. I had that weighed down and couch lock feel for sure .

Overall score – 9.4/10