Strain – Island Pink Kush

Visual/Texture – these medium sized buds were shaped like some plump round grapes, crispy exterior, with a light soft airy sponginess to them. Comprised of mostly a lighter mossy shading, with light purple and forest green undertones. Sprouting some lengthy light brownish orange pistils throughout, and covered with a ìg consistent burn, clean light greyish ash with pepper specks, and a resin ring that grew as the joint burned. Inhaling bringing forth the sweet floral, herbal skunk flavoring, catching the occasional vanilla hints. The exhale it becomes more of an floral earthy, woodiness

High – a hybrid (80/20) that has mostly indica properties. Not long into the session you feel an increase of euphoria, and your mood will quickly sway in a positive direction. Your body is met with a deep relaxing feeling, and it subdues existing soreness. With motivation not being completely lost, I would still suggest later day or evening time use. Minor burnout and major munchies to follow