Ice Cream is iced right out in a rich milky thick blanket of trichomes. The buds were big an chunky with hints of purple throughout. Trimmed and cured on point being absolutely perfect. Had a wonderful of candy ice cream aroma with notes of gas.


Upon smoking I was smacked with a sweet gassy creamy ice cream taste. It was amazingly smooth and the flavour was highly addictive, I can see why this is called Ice Cream. Burned expectional in a joint being continuous, slow and fairly even the whole way through a joint. Had a fairly white ash and boasted a nice grease ringer.


I found this to be a high potency slightly indica dominate hybrid. I was feeling it not even half way through a 0.4 – 0.5 joint. I had a warm happy heady high happening at first. I felt a light to modetate body stone. I was happy and swooped into a positive joyful mood. Valued at 190 a zip before any discounts or coupons.