The name of the strain is fitting as the buds appeared completely “caked” with resin which gave the nugs a whitewashed appearance. Bright and dark green backgrounds had to fight to be seen beneath the thick frosty coating. Some well placed dark purple sugarleaves helped provide contrast to the white exterior and fiery orange pistils. Stunning visuals all around. Smells were distinct sweet and creamy vanilla aromas which had me anxiously waiting to smoke a jay.

Burn was impressive being slow and even with a oil ring well below the ember after only 3 tokes. The flavor mirrored the smell well with similar sweet vanilla tastes plus some nutty noted on exhale. Effects were a heavily indica leaning hybrid which initially hit with some hazey eye and uplifting vibes. However, soon had me feeling overly relaxed with some strong sedative effects that had me fighting couchlock an hour later. Thick coating of resin, tasty smoke and potent Indica leaning effects made this my favourite flower of this round.