1. Ice Cream Cake grown by Poncho farms, sourced by Pink Llama

You can tell there was a lot of effort and love put into these buds. Each bud regardless of the size was hand manicured while making sure all the heads remained intact. The buds were very dense and sticky, with bright lime green and dark purple tones and dark orange pistils.

The smell on this ICC pheno seemed to be heavily influenced by one of  its parents (wedding cake) very pungent fragrance that could fill a room in seconds, almost smelled like a fresh batch of vanilla donuts sprinkled in nutmeg and sugar. It would have anyone drooling over the jar.

The flavor was a bit different then how it smelled you mostly got quite of of a spicy earthy gas, followed by a slight  sweet doughiness with a nutty finish. I wish the smell translated better into the smoke but still very enjoyable and tasty.

The high was a very classic indica dominant hybrid (80/20), that starts of with a nice mood lifting effects that will put you into a sense of calm while you can slowly feel your muscles start to relax and unwind. This is a perfect strain i found for both waking up in the morning as well as going to bed.

Found the smoke to be a little harsh(really depended on the size of the nug) but regardless it burned clean each time.

This strain was extremely hyped so i expected the potency to be a bit better then what it was especially compared to other craft growers ICC that i have tried previously but still for the average smoker this will pack a punch but for any long term smoker dont expect to be knocked out which this strain is often known for.