Ice Cream Cake Live Resin from Nature’s Fire

Visual: This Ice Cream cake Live Resin is beautiful! It has a nice golden resin colour with some lighter creamy and bubbly swirls in it.

Nose: It was a lot more gassy than the flower and it had a concentrated, intense nose to it. It was very pungent!

Consistancy: It was harder than I thought it was going to be and the surface was a bit crumbly compared to the middle which was a bit softer.

Taste: The gas really comes out in the taste! It was very intense flavour but I still got some of the creamy vanilla with it.

Potency/Effects: I t was very potent for me! The first time I hit it I had it to hot and heavy so I got a burnt flavour but it really gave me a kick in the but. When I was able to get some proper pulls I found that the effects were very similar to the flower with the all around buzzy effect. I had a very positive feeling from it. Very nice!