Ice Cream Cake from True Craft Cannabis – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (Craft)

Visual: What a seductive and sexy bud! It had a few different colours to the buds like a bright green and a dark green but they are mostly hidden by all the crystal. It is just covered in beautiful Trichomes. When I spread it apart it revealed how gorgeous the glistening Trichomes are. It was just beautiful to look at. Definitely a craft selection. It was a bit dense on the inside when I gave it a squeeze there was some give to it.

Nose: The nose was sweet and had a creamy brown sugar smell that was very inviting. I also got some earthy gas and some skunk on it.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It looked like it had a very fluffy structure, but it had a full and luscious feel to it when I was cutting it. It was very easy to cut.

Taste: The taste was a light sweetness. It still had that sugar flavor and also the gas and the skunk. It had a beautiful creamy doughiness to it.

Burn: It burnt great! Mostly light gray ash with a tine bit of S&P.

Potency/Effects: It took a bit to build up, it was a bit of a creeper. The effects were very nice and relaxing. I just wanted to mellow out after smoking some. It really started out in the head and then moved it’s way down my back into my body and made me really zone out too. Great for any time of the day. It was a good positive feeling from it.

Overall score – 9.6/10