Product arrived in a shoulderless jar in a nicely stacked pile on the bottom; with rich nut-brown colours with lighter golden shades found along the edge.  Product was thick with a thin sauce coating the exterior; found it easy to handle and collect a dab. Smells initially were not as clear upon opening the jar but once agitated released an immense amount of sugary and creamy aromas alongside some rich nuttiness. The nose wasn’t pungent or sharp but emitted rich and heavy scents that were mouthwatering and reminded me of my past experiences with the strain in flower form.

Melted relatively clean for flower rosin; only leaving behind a minor amount of residue; and produced very smooth clouds with delicious sweet, creamy  and earthy notes. Effects hit initially behind the eyes making me feel the need to squint. Initially had me feeling good with a significant stoney effect that made it difficult to concentrate. Found I later had more dominant physical effects settle into the limbs, balancing out the buzz nicely and making things a bit more relaxing. A potent hybrid that will initially have your head in the clouds and leave you later feeling relaxed and euphoric. A dab I’ll be able to smoke anytime but will likely be nice at the end of the day.