Arrived in a shoulderless jar with a slightly hardened exterior that was caramel and nut brown upon arrival. As the contents were agitated it revealed a wet and thick product that took on a mildly darker hue of brown. Found the product easy handle, making it simple to collect a decent sized dab. Smells coming from the jar were fairly muted initially but after agitation revealed the classic creamy, doughy and sweet nose you’d expect for ICC; alongside a bit of earthiness. The melt was decent but did leave behind some darker residue afterwards; somewhat expected for flower rosin. However, this did appear more apparent than my last 3-4 experiences with FR. Buzz again reflected the strain well with a hybrid effect hitting almost immediately. Somewhat uplifted and cerebral and partly relaxing and heavy on the body. After a few dabs I did find myself sinking further into the couch, but otherwise this could really be a decent anytime of the day kind of option.