Ice Cream Cake rated as Indica
A crosd of Wedding Cake x Gelato 33

Smaller size caked nuggets really bright and flashy purples with some mossy green showing trough the heavy trichome blanket. It felt fresh and sticky when broken appart. Nicely cured and well manicured for smaller sized buds almost no sugar leafs.

Really nice smell with sweet nutty cookie hints and a gassy front. Taste was even better creamy kinda nutty sweet and doughy, dank and desert like so pleasant and really present. Burned all graybsmooth and left a nice greasy ring on joints. Amazing taste.

This one felt heavy for a 60/40 used it a lot at night and i love it after super or to game ahah. Its heady and you feel it arround the eyes mind gets fuzzy body gets sluggish. Great in relax evening or at night.