Strain – Honey Comb

Smell – some real unusually sweet honey terpenes coming off of this strain. As soon as I tore open the mylar I realized that this had a really sugary candy nose behind it, and how appropriately named it truly is

Smoke – I find that the inhale has a creamy honey taste with the exhale tasting quite similar with added spicy notes. It also leaves a nice lingering honey flavor taste. Very clean white ash with oil ring to the end and a smooth strain to the finish

High – good high, great balance of sativa and indica that allowed me to continue on banging out activities while feeling quite good about it. Spacey head high that leaves zero burnout and is a great day time stone that won’t take your focus completely away

Quality: Really rock hard dense buds that consisted of almost half bright amber pistils and the other half made up of some bright green coloring, also some great trichome coverage making the nugs almost shiny. Unique honey terpenes that I have never experienced and definitely would re-grip this stuff no problem at all