Honey Bananas is a magnificent flower that is sourced by Thehighclub.biz. It has a fruity sickly sweet aroma with a slight earthyness when cracking a bud open. Manicured to absolute complete perfection and cured to perfection as well. Having a near rock hard density with a slight spongeyness while squeezing and leaving a nice bit of stickyness of my fingers.


Having a real dank musky suguary taste turning into more of a sweet fruity taste half way through the joint which had a noticeable banana taste. The smoke was ultra smooth and left a unique sweet taste in my mouth that lingered for a good bit. The burn was expectional being ever so slow but continuous and even as could be.


I found this to be a medium to high potency balanced hybrid 50/50. The high was of a nice heady europhia with my eyes feeling heavy. I was more engertic and willing to do stuff for almost a hour. I had a creative vibe going on. Then a hazy and lazy moderate couch locking overcame me leaving with an appetite as well.