Holy Grail has, since time, been a favourite strain of mine, the flowers are always so caked in trichomes it makes it hard not to try and eat the buds. I have never had the honour of it as a concentrate though, so when I got the Live Resin I was excited to take it for a spin! This Resin was well-textured, almost like a drier caviar mix, and nicely pale coloured with not much nose on it before vaporizing on my enail. After however, strong lemongrass and lavender scent and tastes overtake your palette and fills my sinuses, making me sneeze. The high is immediate but lowkey and very cerebral, making me forget that I was writing this review several times, adding probably an extra 2 hours on this writing time (in fact I got distracted halfway through that sentence) as I kept wanting to do other things like play games or watch something (most likely both at the same time). I am really enjoying this high and will definitely end up finishing this gram tonight with no regrets and can give nothing but recommendations for it. May the Lady of the Lake bless this Holy Grail!