Bred by exotic Genetix’s which is a cross of Dosi and Tina.  Chunky spade shaped nugs which were extremely dense small round segments caked in a ludicrous amount of resin. They possessed both a tight trim and a perfect cure with a slightly crunchy exterior and soft and sticky interior. The macro shots of this were crazy with massive globular heads with a healthy amount of ambers.  But make sure to checkout the closeups; my description does not do it justice. The smells were also impressive with a enjoyable mix of some gassy, citrus with mild sweet pine undertones.

Smoke was potent and felt on the lungs quickly providing some wicked gassy plumes plus some added spiciness on exhale. Burned with a greasy oil ring well below the ember; plus, a near white ash. Felt like my head was in the clouds with a stoney cerebral high that crept up on me after 5 minutes. This was overshadowed soon after by heavy physical effects felt as an overly calm and relaxing body stone. An hour later I found myself fighting the weight of my eyes as well. Definite risk of couchlock with this heavy Indica leaning hybrid; which I’ll likely save for my evening routine. Wicked smell/taste, absolutely caked and potent as they come; an all around impressive strain.