Plentiful trichrome coverage on well-trimmed and dense buds helped to make the light and forest green backgrounds stand out. The sea of green was broken up by thin bright orange pistils crawling out of the crevices; being most plentiful at the tips.  To the touch the buds were slightly dry but still stuck to my fingers. Smell was the familiar herbal, woody and earthy notes you’d expect from Hindu Kush. Taste was similar but noticed a wet earth flavor with added spicy notes on exhale. Found this to be some strong smoke; not harsh but had me coughing after a few tokes. Joint burned well with a light grey ash.

High was immediately felt in the body as immense heaviness of the limbs with a foggy head high coming on later making it difficult to focus my attention on any one thing. Old-school heavy duty Indica high that had me fighting the urge to lie horizontal half an hour after smoking. Great strain for late evenings or winding down in my opinion.