Strain : High School SweetHeart (Cross of Cherry Pie Kush  and Grateful Breath.)

Method Smoked : Joint

Nug Size- Large/Dense

SMELL ( Final score 4.5/5)
Strong or weak?: Strong
Nug Form
Dominant smell of bud : Earthy 🌏
Associated smells of bud :Fruity 🍍
Busted up
Dominant smell of bud :Fruity
Associated smells of bud: Gassy ⛽

TASTE (Final score 9/10)

Dominant flavour : Earthy
Associated flavours : Fruity

Harsh/smoothness : (1-5, 1 being extremely harsh and 5 being extremely smooth) 5 /5
cough factor? : No

BUZZ ( Final score 9/10)

Profile Percentage of head to body: 60% head 40% body 4.5 /5
Potency : (1-5, 1 being extremely weak and 5 being extremely potent)

Use Daytime/Bedtime : Both
Munchies? : No

This perfect 50/50 Indica/Sativa Hybrid. When you first look at the nugs you notice the huge sizes and dense, with beautiful dark purple colors throughout it. That is why it has a perfect score in appearance.
The Dominant smell is earthy but has a undertones of fruity hints witch comes out when you bust it up. Well it hit a perfect score in smoothness it lost some because I was hoping for more of the Fruity flavors to come out.
The buzz was a near perfect as it lost a half point in both profile and potency, the reason why is because i was hoping for more of a indica effects. But overall all started as a energetic feeling, needed up taking my dogs for a run, but as soon as i was back I wants to relax and watch TV. 👌🏽🤟🏼

Would recommend to anyone who loves both Indica and Sativa effects. ⛽⛽🤙🏼