High Octane OG from Top Tier Cannabis

Cross: Chem dawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush

100% Pure Indica

Visual: It was a massive frosty bud! It had some splashes of light green surrounded by dark greens and purples with some light brown hairs. Overall it was dark and it looked dank! It was quite dense even though it looked like it might be a bit fluffy.

Nose: The nose was sweet and sour with some citrus and an earthy herbal smell as well. It was very pungent and appealing to me.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and to grind. I thought that it was going to get caught in the grinder because it was sticky, but it didn’t. It actually fluffed it up and it had a great moisture level.

Taste: It had lots of flavour and it was really appealing as well. All the smells came through it the taste and it was very enjoyable!

Burn: The burn was great! It had a very heavy smoke and a very light ash.

Potency/Effects: I got a bit of a hit in my nose from it and the potency and effects built up well to a great potency level for me. It was very relaxing and calming. The more i got into it the more of a weighed down effect I got along with heavy eyes and a bit sleepy. This would be good for evening or nighttime.

Overall score – 9.5/10