Sizeable round bulbous nugs coated in visible trichromes with a background of light and dark greens made up the majority of the bag. Upon closer inspection, smaller areas of purple hues with deep orange pistils made for great visual appeal. Cracking the bag lead to the room instantly being filled with a heavy gas smell as you’d expect from this strain; but with strong notes of pine to follow. This strain had a very smooth smoke for me with great spicy notes; really no noticeable harshness to speak of until reaching the end of a jay. The only downfall regarding the smoke was that it tended to burn a darker salt and pepper.

After smoking the buzz came on quickly. An immediate euphoric feeling washed over  me and I found it next to impossible to get anything done. Definite couchlock category which would be expected from a strong indica strain. Not likely something I would recommend for someone with low tolerance.