Strain – High Grade Diamonds

Texture/Visual – these beautiful diamonds, came as two reformed chunky formations. Textured with a decent consistency of rock hard pebbles that crumble up no problem when added to a joint or easily scooping your own dab from. When broken up it has a grainy sandy feel, and remaining sticky, and greasy to the touch. Easily broken off, or to personally size up. Sporting a shiny golden brown coloring almost like a caramel that has a glimmer to it

Smoke – carrying a bit of scent, but really receiving the full flavor profile once inhaling.  Capable of taking back big hauls without any major coughing taking place. Followed by the exhale becoming a giant cloud of thick smoke that has a sweet zesty lemon taste that continues its linger on the palate

High – heavy head high initially coming on, being full of euphoric thoughts, a relaxation through your body, eyes gain added heaviness, and dry mouth are all factors coming into effect shortly post smoke. A heavier burnout following which entices the idea of crashing. Better saved for evening smoke, it will ensure you’ll be getting nice and lit with a very uneventful post session