New MOM: Bodega Distro- specializes in edibles.


Discord contact: Bodega_distro#5964

Customer Service: Amazing. Contact was through discord.


Product: High Dose Cherry Gummy- 500mg per 1 gummy.

Appearance: package came sealed. No issues with moisture or temp. Came as 1 gummy. Looks like a fidget spinner.

Potency: Extremely potent. Becareful when consuming. What I had in the picture I split into 2 sittings in comparison to the tropical punch gummy. Both sittings I was blasted to the moon. I couldn’t believe how strong they were. If you’re an experienced user and is looking for potency, this is it.


Taste: Smooth cherry taste. Very very light cannabis taste. The gummy is sweet. Taste good.


Overall this edible is extremely strong in my opinion. This is subjective based on tolerance. This gummy is very enjoyable if you’re looking for something potent