There was 6 gummies in this package each containing 25mg of THC for a total of 150mg. Gummies were made from distillate, the package did not specify it was delta 8 or delta 9 distillate.

Gummies looked like any that you would pick up from a convince store, with only one arriving slightly damaged. Each one is coated in a sour powder and smells just like the fruit theyre meant to look like.

I found them all to be a bit on the slightly stale side making them extra chewy but this wasnt something that bothered me.

The bananas first tasted like the marshmallow banana candy, and slowly transitioned into a medicine like flavor.

Cherries reminded me of cherry cough syrup. They were my least favorite out of the batch.

Watermelon was hands down the best tasting one and also being the most sour, tasted exactly like watermelon just a bit weak with most the flavor being masked by a very enjoyable sourness.