Initial Thoughts/Bag Appeal : 6 gummies, 25mg each didn’t sound all too impressive to me as I’m used to much higher dosages and it normally takes more to get high. The packaging is really appealing and is what drew me in, also cola bottles, who doesn’t love those?

Smell : Immediately was bombed with the most terpy, sugary smell. Nice.

Appearance : Not too impressed with how they look, as the shape wasn’t true to packaging, but they also could have been squished because of how soft and fluffy are. Messy from sugar, but good messy.

High : About 20 minutes later I started feeling relaxed and mellowed out with a nice soothing effect focused in the front of my head.

These were probably some of the best gummies I’ve had taste wise; weak aftertaste of weed or distilate, just enough to remember it’s infused. Only thing is that I didn’t quite catch cola, just a sweet and tasty candy. The consistency was also comparable to a real gummy which was a nice surprise.

3/5 Overall