Strain – Hawaiian Haze

Vistual/Texture – medium sized nug having an airy structure, with a slightly dry crisp shelled exterior. Lighter bright olive green, with some darker forest hues amongst the shading. Light brownish orange pistils protruding throughout the formation, and a generous amount of crystal trichomes icing out the entire bud

Scent – amazing terpenes emerging from this bud, receiving wafts of pleasant aromas each whiff taken. Exotically mashed up into a sweet tropical scented collaboration along with a floral, and pine distinctively being present

Smoke – the produced ash being lighter grey, and peppered, carrying a resin ring through the whole session. Transitioning over from smell, there’s less taste coming through. Taking on inhales of sweet floral, and a spicy woodiness. While exhaling you’re hit by a majority of similar notes, dominanted by a spicy cedar, with an earthy presence

High – Hawaiin Haze a perfectly divided hybrid (50/50) with the resulting high to back it up. First receiving an uplifting energetic boost, to really assist in any necessary motivation to get moving. You will also have your creative senses on full tilt, all while being accompanied by an enhanced euphoria. Nearly impossible to not be feeling the mood enhancement provided. This is a perfect daytime stone, or a great strain for any social sessions