Have always been interested in this strain and it did not disappoint. Incredibly dense and tightly woven nugs were caked in resin from stem to tip. Red hairs were numerous filling almost every nook and cranny. This created an almost dominant orange hue to the buds, with a background of light green. Buds were very sticky which made it a task to grind it down and required a necessary hand-wash. Smell was mainly earthy with slightly sweet scents to follow. As you broke down the bud, I found strong pine aromas filling the room quickly.

Smoke was the peak of smooth; with a light airy inhale, which to my surprise produced large and thick plumes of smoke to follow on exhale. Taste was chiefly earthy on inhale with a spicy exhale to follow. High was initially intense starting with a stimulating head high which slowly transitioned into crazily heavy Indica stone.  Found myself couch locked within a half hour after smoking.   Only thing I was able to accomplish afterwards was multiple treks to the pantry for munchies, which makes this a great evening smoke in my opinion.