Light green backgrounds and white coating of resin on the medium short and fat nugs which helped to make the darker orange pistils pop. The buds had a decent trim with some extra sugar leaf left behind. As I peered closer the trichomes were long thin and mainly clear under a macro lens.  The smell was strong with herbal, hash and cured meat smell; very odd but surprisingly intriguing. Can’t say I’d be on the lookout for this type of terpene profile, but it was unique.

The burn was great with another obvious oil ring present a third through the joint; ending with a fluffy light grey ash. The strain produced a smooth smoke and the taste was dominated by spicy, earthy and herbal flavors which were prominent. As with hash plant I’ve smoked in the past. The high was relatively strong starting off with a period of short-lived mental stimulation, but quickly transitioned into a purely relaxed buzz. A stress-free vibe without any noticeable sedation. Something I would likely use moreso for evenings but could easily smoke mid-day when I wasn’t looking to accomplish much.