This was my first time trying a 1:1 THC:CBD strain and man I really fell in love. I was initially impressed by the gorgeous light gold colour and the minty/herbal sweet aroma that exuded from the cart. I could smell this immediately upon opening the tube that it was packaged in. The refreshing minty sweet aroma translates into a complex and amazing flavour on smoke with an added light orange citrus and an earthy cherry finish. There are also no clogging issues at all and it doesn’t sugar up. The smoke is very clean and smooth which makes this a great option for when you’re on the go. The high is also truly incredible for staying alert and active throughout the day. This has become my favorite smoke for before, during, and after a workout. Since it has a 1:1 ratio, you still feel like you’re getting high but it’s a very light high that mostly relaxes your joints and muscles without too much of a mental effect. However, I definitely still notice some significant euphoric and stimulated feelings. Overall this cart is an awesome all day smoke for whatever your day requires. The terps, smoothness, and high are all top notch. Can’t recommend this enough, especially if you’re a fan of CBD/ 1:1 or if you’re just wanting to experiment with new highs 😋👍