Brand – Hard Candy – Fruit Pack

Flavor – a great tasting hard candy with a decent mix of flavors per each container. There’s three of each flavor and a total of five flavors packed into this vintage tin. The flavor reminding me of Jolly Rancher hard candies, with a similar color to flavor profile. The Pink tasting of delicious watermelon, Red being a sweet cherry, Green is of course apple, grape on the Purple, and the Blue being blueberry flavored. There was no bitter after taste or any  gross flavor lingering behind

Potency – each one of these rectangular gems had a 15mg dosage per piece. Although not containing anything to incapacitate you, these little bad boys can be enjoyed wherever, and whenever. I’m sure having the whole tin worth would provide a decent body stone, I found myself enjoying these over the course of a few days to receive that extra little boost popping 2 or 3 back at a time

Quality – these things are tasty and super sticky which is why they add the powdered sugar topping, also adding additional initial flavor. Discreet and convenient little hitters that are great for a low to medium tolerance for edibles. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a continuous supply in the stash, throw a few back and toss on the old mask for a better experience to whatever you’re doing