Dense medium sized tapered buds that was mainly light green with dark green sugar leaves and a sugary exterior due to the copious amount of resin. The buds did appear to have a whitewashed appearance with light peach coloured pistils blending in with the backgrounds. Using a macro lens; the tightly packed trichomes were appeared longer but all seemed to curl in on themselves; layering in some areas with mainly cloudy and transparent heads. With a name like Halitosis Breath I found myself really into the smells coming off these buds. Not as funky as the GMO strain and more so leaning towards intense cedar notes with diesel and pine and funkiness making the nose really challenging to put my finger on initially. I found the nose really did get outrageously pungent as I broke up the buds. It may have not been the nose I expected; but it delivered on a powerful nose.

The flavor on the smoke moreso produced mild herbal and earthy notes, with smooth and relatively potent smoke. The burn in a bong produced a nice light grey ash with some more solid darker grey flecks left behind. Effects didn’t really hit me until about 5 minutes after smoking; slowly increasing in intensity with an initial uplifting cerebral buzz. This had me feeling a bit spaced out as I later noticed my muscles start to relax and my ambition levels plummet. (I was in the middle of writing this review and had to come back for round two the next day to finish.) There are some definite sedative effects at work as I smoked a second bowl; so I’d suggest this relaxing hybrid as an ideal evening option for most.