Appeal: Very caked out thick milky trichomes. Having a milky lighter green coloring, with girgeous hues of purple throughout. The buds are on the medium size and are oval like in shape.


Density: Being of a nearly rock hard density with very little spongeyness.


Smell: Piney, earthy and diesel scents are admiting from the buds.


Cure/Trim: Trimmed and cured extremely well.


Taste: Tasting of a diesel fuel mixed with pine and earth elements, resulting in an awesome smooth smoke on the inhale and exhale.


Burn: The burn was pretty well perfect being slow, countinious and even the whole way through the joint. There was a bit of a grease ringer happening Had a light gray ash with just a freckling of pepper.


Potency: I found this to be a medium to high potency evenly balanced hybrid.


High: At first I was feeling a creative focused vibe happening. Along with a nice europhia and a feeling of ease and calmness. It did not take long for a bit of a body stone to wash over me. I was pretty lazy and relaxed.


Quality – 8.7 Value – 8.5