Brand – Gummy Bears by Cannabuzz

Flavor – a tasty blend of peach mixed with mango make for a tasty combo packed into each one of these. The dose being of higher proportions for each little bear, one would assume the taste would be effected, this was not the case at all. Delicious and potent make this a deadly duo.. and I am without a doubt a big fan

Potency – these cute little guys had a decent fight in them, hitting the scales at 25mgs per each. With a pack of 12 these were meant to be portioned out over more than 1 sit down. Having two and a half times the potency of their green counterparts these were definitely a proper dosed 25mgs. I started with 4 and had the effects off 100mg, solid euphoric head high, great relaxing body high, uplifted mood with decreased motivation. The end resulting being a solid nights rest

Quality – fresh, soft, and perfect consistency. These yellow guys being small in stature but big in impact and flavoring. Due to the size, incredibly easy to over shoot the mark on these tiny teddies will have no issues mauling you, especially if you don’t proceed with caution. Another solid product that will be part of my future arsenal for sure