Brand – Gum Drop Remedies by Cannamo Canada

Visual/Texture – beautifully boasting a bright orange coloring, same shape design of jelly tots, with the trademark pot leaf up top. Packed into a screw top tin that is convenient for keeping these fresh, and easily stored. All extremely soft, and easy to chew

Flavor – the flavor is labelled as Florida Tangerine and they are absolutely tasty AF. Very difficult to not pop back a handful, and have these done in no time. No lingering unwanted flavoring during, or after chewing each one of these

Potency – the tin is topped up with 25 gummies, rated in potency of 10:10 THC:CBD. With the mini doses, these are recommend for micro dosing, which makes sense. Finding the issue, not polishing more per each session of downing these tasty treats. Popping a few back, you really get the CBD effects with any inflammation, stiffness, or soreness being faded with the smooth relief. Taking only up to 40mg worth of THC at a time is definitely a good amount for delivering an uplifted mood, while receiving a steady euphoric dose. With the combo effects not standing in your way, while subsiding any issues you may be experiencing, these tasty tangerines are an ideal daytime toss back