The Full Spectrum Extract was entirely made up of 3 large rich yellow boulders comprised of smaller microdiamonds collected together. There was no obvious sauce upon first look; but as these larger collections were broken down you could appreciate that the smaller diamonds had a lightly coated exterior that gave them a slightly wet appearance.  The smells provided nicely fruity aromas that hit my nose with some overly sweet notes making the whole scent reminiscent of overripe fruit.

The concentrate melted cleanly producing a nicely smooth vapour that provided some deliciously sweet and fruity flavors that almost felt like I was nibbling on some candied fruit.  Effects left me with some nice euphoria and some uplifting vibes that had me feeling relatively talkative and social. This was met with some delayed physical effects that progressively had me feeling more relaxed. Nicely balanced effects that I could likely smoke anytime of the day. If I was to have a couple sessions through this would likely be better suited for an evening affair.