Guava Cake
A cross of  Gold leaf from Wedding Cake

Big to medium size nugs, felt nice and fresh lightly sticky dense but with a nice give to it. Dark look  overall dark shades of green with purple sugar leafs all over and rusty pistils. A lot of healthy biggrr sized heads inside this one. A touch of amber too.

Smells is funky on this one a strong musky side with a tropical wouldnt say straight fruit but it has fruity tropical nose in the back. Transfer to the smoke mostly earthy and musky the fruity side came out but really faint i got a good guava inhale when pulling on a non lit joint. But burned super smooth until the end and steady left a gray ash, heavy smoke but still rather smooth.

This one felt super heady and uplifting. Another awesome mood booster, if you feel like an asshole 1 drag shall set you straight  haha. Nice smile inducer great to kewp conversation going. A bit of a introspective head buzz for the first minutes but it balances itself with the more uplfiting side.