Upon cracking the jar I smelt a pungent sweet berry musky earthy scent, reminding me alot of the strain Duke Nukem. These stunning buds had a lovely milky purple green appearance to them. Had a decent trim, with only minimum leaf. The buds pretty very dense, only having a slight bit of spongeyness. Left my fingers crystally after touching.

When smoked I tasted a sweet creamy berry musky earthyness. Left a very pleasant aftertaste that lingered for a good half hour. The smoke was pretty smooth, only slightly tickling my thoart but not to the point where I coughed. Burned perfect in a joint and there was a grease ringer. Had a salt n pepper ash going on.

I found this to be a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. The high was of a europhic floaty heady sensation, all the while feeling a bit motivated to do something productive.I had a creative vibe happening. After sometime I was pretty relaxed and sleepy feeling.