On first look this budder is a very light golden yellow, shaped into little bricks and cubes with lots of little air bubbles. The texture was smoothy and would  easily stick to itself allowing you to size your dab with out issue. When i finished this gram i had no problems with product stuck in the jar it was easy to remove it all from the jar with no effort needed.

I didnt find there was much nose to the budder, what it lacked in smell it made up for in the exotic taste of this particular strain. On first hit you instantly taste a guava with slight hints of a bitterness followed by a  sweet doughy bread. Makes for quite a refreshing smoke to sit back and enjoy.

I found it burned extremely clean with very little harshness. High itself was a very indica leaning hybrid that i found was perfect for evening use. i always found myself ending up laying or sitting down after consuming this budder. I found it to be an average high nothing outstanding nothing bad.

Overall i was very impressed with this budder and would order it again.