I consider myself lucky to be living a stone’s throw from an experienced cultivar; who provided me with a seriously impressive lineup the last time. I didn’t have an unboxing for this round but wanted to take the time to acknowledge that my first impression of this grower; have made this one of my most anticipated rounds once again.

The medium density bud was enormous being long and spear like (which I compare to my hand size in the pics). The trim was impeccable without a sugarleaf seeming out of place; with an array of light to dark green backgrounds and deep orange to light yellow pistils. The structure of the buds was disorganized and wild looking with pistils and sugar leaves, and calyx’s going in every direction. Trichomes were short, densely packed with solid amount of globular amber heads alongside milky and clear ones. The buds were also incredibly sticky with the busted nugs looking like kinetic sand; as it practically rolled the joint itself. Now the smell; dear baby jesus that smell… Such an incredibly strong nose with sharp citrus and sour notes that made it impossible to conceal, if not inside a glass jar. The buds visual appeal was stunning but this didn’t hold a candle to the nose.

Joint burned even and slow with a significant oil ring arriving after the first 5 hauls; finishing a near white ash. Smooth smoke provided a mild sharpness to the back of the throat; but nothing I’d consider consider harsh. Flavors were not as prominent as the nose bur sour and citrus forward with some added sweetness on exhale. A definite Sativa leaning high that started off as pure uplifting euphoria which had me smiling like an idiot 2-3 minutes post-smoke. I found 15-20 minutes in my eyes became a bit hazey but otherwise provided a wonderfully functional high. Found it easy to focus with exceptionally clear and energized buzz. This did become a bit more mellow 45 minutes post smoke but there were zero sedative effects. Likely my favourite daytime smoke now; perfect for crushing out goals.