Impeccable taste and supreme quality are the thoughts that come to mind when vaping this cartridge. This organic HTFSE cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis is easily the best Green Crack cart I have ever consumed.

The inhale is mildly sweet and is initially hard to pinpoint, but the exhale certainly brings out flavors of exotic fruits (think ripe white guava, slight mango, with a splash of sweet tea). The taste is so smooth that I want to touch it, poke it, disturb it, lol. I am instantly obsessed with this beautiful creation. Say crack again! CRACK.

The potency is quite striking in this classic Sativa strain. I usually reach for Indica leaners, so this cart feels more like a hybrid to me. Every now and then I come across a Sativa like this that I adore.  It immediately eliminates anxiety as calm relaxing waves flow through my entire body from head to toes. It doesn’t make me sleepy.  Instead, I am uplifted, happy, and find peace with the world.

I did not experience any issues when vaping this cart.  I vaped it on my Yocan Uni Pro at 2.4-2.5 volts without any burning or clogging issues.  These fully ceramic carts do demand respect, so be careful not to press down the button for long periods.  The taste will rock your world.

I need to have this cart regularly in my rotation. Be on the lookout as you’ll be competing with me to snatch this up whenever it’s available!