Greasy Pink Bubba from Pink Llama

Visual: There was some different colourings on the buds. One of the buds was a bit lighter than the other bud. The darker bud was a bit greasier and danker looking. There were some black leaves on it and it had lots of small sparkly crystal.  When I opened it up there was lots of nice sparkly crystal on the inside and the Trichomes were a bit bigger in size. It was very dense and it had a good moisture level.

Nose: The nose was gassy and skunky. It was very potent!

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was a little bit harder to grind because of how fresh and sticky it was. It cut apart easy.

Taste: The flavor was very potent as well. It was also gassy and skunky.

Burn: It burnt great! It was slow and steady, and the ash was very light.

Potency/Effects: The potency level was very high for me! It hit me in the nose pretty hard and it built up fast. It had some good Indica effects. It really mellowed me out and gave me a relaxed feeling right away. I got a nice body buzz and it lasted a long time. I really zoned out with this one. Good for nighttime.

Overall score – 9.4/10