Strain – Grease Monkey (Gorilla Glue 4 x Cookies & Cream)

Vistual/Texture – made up of the vast majority being medium sized buds, fresh feeling, slightly sponginess while holding some density. Tearing into the nuggets to only be battling the sticky resinous interior. Shared color shades of forest green, and a sharp darkened purple, thick light brownish orange pistils branching off, and coated in a thick shelled snowy white trichome exterior

Scent – terpenes of stank and sweet intertwined together comes seeping out of the jar. Delivering sweet with bold aromas in a mutual collaboration tying these two genetics together creating a unique pairing that once teamed up, becoming a golden combo. Smelling of pungent diesel gas, with a sweet vanilla fragrence while also sporting some skunky, nutty, earthiness

Smoke – moving itself over from smell to smoke is a flawless transition carrying all the profiles over and taking them in with each puff.  An inhale containing gassy diesel, skunky, with a sweet nutty vanilla flavoring. Exhaling out you keep alot of the flavoring intact with an added earthy taste. Ash a lighter greyish white, with some peppering involved, and greasing up effortlessly

High – a hybrid (70/30) with indica taking the reigns, the high approaches shortly afterwards with its creeper qualities. Supplying you with a cloudy head, heavy eyes, and strong levels of euphoria. Sending you to an altered state of relaxation, and providing a mood elevation temporarily skirting any pain that was existant. More for later day or evening, while leaving you good and cooked, the burnout hits fairly heavy but not before needing to fulfill a hefty munchies pang