Grapefruit Cookies from True Craft Cannabis

Visual: The colour was a light army green with some dark green/purple leaves near the tips. There was lots of nice crystal all over and throughout. It was a bit of the fuzzy crystal and it had a creamy colour to it. It was a bit squishy with some denseness at the tips.

Nose: I got a bit of that cookies smell which was baked goods but it was a bit sour as well. When I opened it up it was much more pungent and it had lots more of that cookies smell. I also got a creamy vanilla, cookie, sweet and sour and a bit of citrus even.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to grind and to cut.

Taste: It had some good flavour! I got lots of the cookie and some herbalness to it and a tiny bit of the sour. Very nice!

Burn: The burn was good and it had a nice heavy smoke.

Potency/Effects: This Grapefruit Cookies hit me more so in my head than it did my nose. It was very uplifting and energetic and it made me very chatty, haha. I got some neat creative thoughts from it and I was ready to go with its energy boosting effects. Good for daytime.

Overall score – 9.5/10