Tight olive shaped buds presented with a sugared exterior atop a light green background and long winding rusty orange pistils. There was also some dark green fringing on black sugar leaves that were again coated in a large amount of visible trichomes. On closer inspection there were numerous densely packed cloudy heads with some smaller quantities of amber and clear heads. While breaking the buds apart it was hard to ignore how sticky the interior of the buds were. Smells were less noticeable upon arrival but as the buds were broken down; it had a powerful nose of bright sour and citrus aromas alongside some sweet herbal undertones.

The strain burned well producing a thick flavorful smoke; decent oil ring well below the ember ½ way through the joint and finishing with a white ash with minor peppering. Flavors that came through were identical to the smell as the buds were busted up; bright citrus and more noticeable herbal notes. Found the buzz on this strain hit mainly above the shoulders. With dominant Sativa effects providing energy to burn and a uplifted vibe felt between the eyes. I didn’t notice any sedative effects with this one at all which has me leaning towards daytime use in the future.