Strain – Grape Bubba 

Smell – the terpenes slightly muted until taking it to the grinder where the true scents began to truly emege. Strong wafts of grape berry, earthiness scented with some herbal and skunky notes also popping in this mashed up mixture of smells

Smoke – the taste translation from smell works out quite well and it makes sense that the strain has the name grape in it. A greasy resin build included with the slow, yet consistent burn. You’re presented with a smooth, tasty grape berry, earthiness flavor come through strong while inhaling and the exhale becoming more of an  earthy herbal taste

High – unsure of the exact ratio behind this mysterious hybrid I found myself feeling more of the sativa effects rather than the indica. With uplifted motivation, focus, and nice euphoric waves. Definitely resulted from some serious dry mouth and had hunger pangs kick in shortly after a session. No problem to smoke this strain during the daytime

Quality: the pairing of nugs was a medium and a smaller one. The bud itself had a crispy shelled exterior, having a sticky yet slightly dry interior. The strain produces olive green colored, with a large purple presence hidden within the undertones and protected by the excess sugar leaves. Consisting of some rusty thin copper pistils, and a thick dusted wall of milky white trichomes