Reminiscent of one of my absolute favourite 5 cent cadies this one immediately had my attention. I also knew I would likely be critical as I was obsessed with these candies as a kid…. I was not disappointed.

The shaping and consistency of the candies was perfect; being both firm/chewy as well as slightly soft on the first bite. The exterior appeared slightly more wet, but this did not translate to an overly messy product; the sugary exterior seemed to stick to the grapes yet not my fingers, which was slightly deceiving as I initially peered in the bag.

Flavors almost perfectly mimicked the artificial grape taste I have stored in my memory banks. It was a slightly sweeter variation of the original candies with mildly sour tastes mixed in. There was a minor weed taste, but this didn’t linger on my tastebuds for long like others I’ve had in the past. For this review I ate a total of 50mg’s As I hadn’t been smoking as much as I typically would as of late. This was easily enough. About 45 minutes later I was met with a heavy body load that hit me hard, sapping all the energy from my muscles, sinking me deeper into my seat on the couch. This was also followed by some serious sedative effects making me nearly nod off several times while watching a few shows. Likely my favourite edible to date, with solid flavors and effects that followed through as advertised.