Granddaddy Purple from Monkey Budz

Cross: Big Bud x Purple Urkle

70% Indica Dominant Hybrid

Visual: They were very dense and compact looking nugs. They looked a bit handled and packaged but there was lots of crystal all over them. The colour was a medium to dark green with light brown hairs that blended in. They were very dense just like they looked.

Nose: The nose was a musky sweet grape and berry. It also had a bit of a spice to it when I opened it up. It wasn’t overly pungent, but it had a decent smell to it.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and to grind. It was not sticky but it had a good moisture level.

Taste: I got the musky grape and some spiciness from it.

Burn: The burn was ok. The ash was a bit dark and flaky but it didn’t go out on me.

Potency/Effects: It wasn’t super punchy, but the effects built up quick. The buzz built up quick without a big hit from it. It was very relaxing and gave ma a but of that weighed down effect in my body. I got the effects mostly in my body with this one. I think that it would be good to mix with a Sativa for an all around effect.

Overall score – 8.5/10