Strain – Gorilla Glue #4 (Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dub x Chem Sister)

Visual/Texture – smaller and medium sized spear shaped, densely compact together, spongy textured with minimal give when squeezed, and with an exterior having a crisp shell. Mossy green coloring overtaking the vast majority of the shading, and dark forest undertones seeping through in portions. Lengthy unkept orange pistils unfurling amongst the structures, and dusted up by a fine layer of snow white trichomes

Scent – Gorilla Glue wielding terpenes that is very distinct and a familiar nose that you’re quite acquainted to, having gripped it a handful of times in the past. An aroma carried by emissions of an oddly mashed up blend of sweetened coffee, cedar, with a diesel gas, and almost giving off a sour nutty, chemical scent

Smoke –  fairly smooth on both the inhale/exhale, producing a peppered up light grey ash, with a resin ring of grease pairing along side. A close relation coming through similar to the smell being sported, with flavors coming through on the inhale consistent of sweet coffee, sour diesel, and a nutty woodiness. While exhaling you get an earthy, sour gassy, with a minor chemical taste lingering behind

High – GG4 is a slightly indica tilted hybrid (60/40) which provides a high that features both sides of the spectrum. Keeping your head occupied with its cerebral driven, euphoric fuelled enhancement. Supplying you with an uplifted mood, and enough energy to strike you with a motivational surge. I find another easy way to tell true GG4 is that it is great for pain relief. Eventually the weight of the strain taking its toll, moving over your body, and hitting you behind the eyes. This is a strain to get nice and toasty on with a free agenda on schedule. Later day or evening time twist ups, proving wise as an earlier motivator but requiring some influential nudging further into the stone