Unbelievable nose of pungent woody notes with fragrant overripe cherry undertones which produced one of the most unique and addicting smells. Found myself wanting to dive into the jar repeatedly for another whiff. The texture of the bud was dense, sticky and malleable almost like warm taffy. However, it was solid enough to roll into a ball using the silicone container it arrived in. The rosin could be warmed up by holding the silicone jar; changing it into a thick molasses consistency. Easy to snag a fat dab but wispy tails of rosin never seemed to disconnect from the larger pile. A characteristic I didn’t mind; as I spun the “tails” around the dab tool to make a ball of sticky rosin threads.

The flavor emulated the smell well with more distinct sweet pine and spicy notes. No residue left in the bucket. Big heady Sativa punch which had my mind racing; making it difficult to concentrate on any one thing. Repeatedly was hit with euphoric episodes which made the most mundane activities enjoyable.  Had me borderline giggling several times. I’d suggest this as a great daytime use; as I felt I needed something to distract myself from the heavy sativa effects like being outdoors or gaming out.