By far the best Gorilla Glue I’ve had the chance to try. Very pungent flowers with a chunky nug structure that impresses right off the bat. There’s a nice mixture of light and dark greens that hide behind a thick and milky trichome layer. The heads are fully matured and largely intact which is always a pleasure to see. The aroma is an extremely unique mix of hashy/woody incense and pungent (almost sour) glue. It’s a beautiful nose, especially once broken up. The terps carry through fairly nicely on smoke but while the profile is very unique I don’t find it to be the tastiest. The smoke is perfectly smooth and clean with a nice slow burn and white/grey ash. The high starts out with a strong mental haze that heavily distort your sense of time. This slowly gets matched with an intense body high that leaves you totally glued to your seat. Full body relaxation is a guarantee. Overall very pleased with this gear, the clean smoke and strong effects are where this flower shines. Great smoke in bongs and joints!💯👌