These diamond formations are a bit on the smaller side but they’re still nice and chunky and lathered in terps. The bright gold colour along with the clarity in the translucent diamonds gives an amazing visual appeal. The aroma is extremely strong and pungent, there’s a dank and gassy slap to the face which is perfectly paired with a light sweet and piney undertone. This translates into a very dank gassy flavour with a delicious and fairly strong floral pine undertone. The burn is also extremely clean and smooth leaving little residue on the banger. The high is very physically relaxing, with an almost body melting type of effect. However, mentally I find it’s quite racy which doesn’t exactly pair well with the strong couch lock. Overall I really enjoy this as something to get me wrecked with a flavourful kick but it’s not an ideal option if I want to do anything afterwards lol. This is some great gear and I would definitely recommend🔥💯