Strain ; Gorilla Breath rated as AAA
Indica 90u flower rosin.

A cross by HSO; Original Glue with OGKB.

Greasy with a heated peanut butter like consistency relatively easy to work. Buddery appearance on the surface with a runnier lighter layer once agitated a bit. Light amber all over.

The smell out the jar is faint mostly earthy herbal little gassy OG like.  The gassy side gets more pungent when vaporised still mostly earthy and herbal it was rather smooth.  Melt cleanly with not many material residue. You clearly see the difference between the 90u and the AA batch when cleaning the banger.

Potency is very strong, an instant body high with a simultaneous fuzzy headrush. I didn’t felt the couch lock initially, it was mostly uplifting, not really energizing or something that makes you wanna do random task at home. But it made me feel elevated and relaxed with a ongoing happy mood that lasted quit long.